About the Book

In many ways, Jim Durham has lived the same life all of us have lived. He was raised by imperfect parents, involved in good and bad relationships, experienced a range of religious influences, and worked hard to be the best person he could be. But a few critical experiences brought the essence of his life out of the shadows.

A chance encounter led him to a college he couldn’t locate on a map  (although Durham claims there is no such thing as coincidence.) The death of a son and the challenges of raising a special-needs child are just a few of the powerful influence on his writing. His decision to leave the full-time practice of law, start a new career, and eventually start his own business are all addressed in My Father’s Writings. 

You will learn lessons he learned, share in the struggles he endured. You will find reference to writers and inspirational leaders ranging from Samuel Johnson, the Reverend Peter Gomes, and Wayne Dyer, to Ram Dass, Nelson Mandela, Buddha and Jesus Christ.

Like many people, I write to cope, to celebrate and to explore. This collection has something in it for everyone. The people who have read my Holiday Letters for the past 14 years (which were more like blogs) encouraged me to write more, and to share my writing with a wider audience. You should read this book if: you have ever had a child die; if you know someone who has faced serious adversity; if you have ever had your heart broken in a relationship; if you have or are connected to a special needs child; if you have ever doubted whether you are good enough; if you have ever wondered if what you do makes a difference; if you are fascinated by family dynamics; or if you have any interest in observations, sermons, poetry, short stories and motivational speeches.

It is all weaved together from a son’s point of view, so there is actually a story being told. My hope is that anyone who reads this book will be changed somehow in a way that they have dreamed about.

This is a journey of discovery – letters you will want to copy, stories you will want to read to friends, and even homilies you will want to meditate upon. You will laugh, cry, think and learn as you move through this inspiring and poignant story.

To Purchase a copy of My Father’s Writings click on the following links:

Balboa Press Book Store 


Barnes & Noble 

New Chemical History 



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