About Jim Durham

Jim Durham grew up in a small town in Michigan. His father was a factory worker; his parents did not complete 9th grade.  Jim nevertheless, Durham ended up at Harvard. He left Harvard with great friends, a great education and a degree, but not a lot of life direction.

He worked for three years at odd jobs (including a stint selling insurance door –to-door). He went to law school at Emory, and started practicing law at a big firm in Boston in 1983. In 1989, he left to become General Counsel and VP of Marketing for company that represented senior professional golfers, like Sam Snead and Gene Sarazen. He later worked for MLB Advanced Media, helping to launch MLB.com.

Along the way, Durham had twin boys – each born with significant heart defects. One died at 3-months, the other is now 22-years old, living at home with significant special needs. The death of a child and the challenges of raising a challenged son has shaped Durham’s life of resilience, optimism and hope. He has spoken at many fundraising events, churches, professional conferences.

He wrote and self-published a commonsense book for lawyers called: The Essential Little Book of Great Lawyering. Durham was inducted in to the Legal Marketing Hall of Fame in 2010.  Jim was also the co-editor and contributing author for the American Bar Association’s book, The Lawyer’s Guide to Marketing Your Practice, Second Edition, 2004.

Durham is a dynamic speaker whose passion for life is reflected as much in his writing as it is in his motivational presentations. He has spoken at hundreds of retreats, seminars, and even churches, on topics ranging from work-life balance and finding your right livelihood, to the importance of customer service. Durham lives near Boston with his family, but lives much of his life on airplanes.



4 thoughts on “About Jim Durham

  1. Jim, your writing is inspirational and always leaves me with “food for thought”. Thank you for sharing your gift and please keep on posting – I still have lots of growing to do. 🙂

  2. Jimmy, glad to see you are doing well and on firma terra! I am retired now from the Naval Reserve and teaching Constitutional Law at UT Dallas via the net. I hate it because like yourself, I love to be up front and in command. Hope to hear from you and I will be looking for your book so I can have an interesting read. Warmest regards, Dan

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